London Elektricity – Yikes!

London Elektricity is a name in drum & bass who doesn’t really need an introduction.
The stunning ‘Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm’ (read more here) starts London Elektricity‘s long anticipated album ‘Yikes!‘ and leaves us sweetly mesmerised by Elsa Esmeralda‘s beautiful vocals which also bring a next level magic into ‘Meteorites‘, the second track of the album. Goosebumps run down the spine while listening to the very 90s synth sounds and the epic piano makes this a genuine ‘put a smile on your face’ piece of liquid drum & bass.

Had A Little Fight‘ also features beautiful piano and perhaps a bit more melancholic mood. It feels like this tune could trigger a different mood in the listener, depending on the state of mind they’re in when this is on. ‘A Plan That Cannot Fail‘ is a definite floor filler. The build up can lead to nothing else but a hands-in-the-air collective euphoria achieved by only the most skilled sound smiths around (London Elektricity being among them without a doubt). London Elektricity himself says that ‘Yikes!‘ is a straightforward dancefloor tune too, I can see why and that’s not because of the class A references in lyrics. I think ‘Yikes! is beautifully atmospheric and moody at the same time, playing tricks on the mood and feel as well as the depth of sound. A track I would very happily listen performed by a symphonic orchestra.

Fault Lines‘ brings down the tempo and the soulful and soft Elsa Esmeralda strokes the ear. Reminds me of something near Funki Porcini, which triggers emotions nothing short of bliss. I don’t want to say it surprises me that London Elektricity produces music that is on a completely different level of competence from anything else in the scene right now… but I’m very impressed and pleased by the actual musical complexity of this album.

U Gotta B Crazy‘ is a bit crazy indeed. It would classify as ‘drumstep’ but that term makes me cringe. Bass heavy, crazy fx, a definite very early rave sound here and there.. but I personally don’t feel it in drumstep. I can hear the appeal in this tune to those who do. It’s obviously a good thing to cater for all preferences. ‘Round The World In A Day‘ is seriously funky and definitely not from this decade. Mental image of a red convertible, summer of love and inexcusable lightness of life and sunshine on your skin. Just close your eyes and tell me what you see? ‘Love The Silence‘ is bassy and atmospheric, the satin vocals carry this tune on feathers… It’s deep and it seems to resonate in the area of my brain that induces a certain emotional response. May or may not have shed a sly tear. Shh! The fast paced ‘Flesh Music‘ brings back depth of bass last flaunted by LTJ Bukem and other guys on Goodlooking. Oldschool jungle is definitely among my favourite dnb sounds – simple yet ingenious melody progressing into a deep clean bass, fast broken beats and the occasional bit of vox adding to the slightly jazzy spatial awareness.

If the closing track ‘Invisible Worlds‘ doesn’t give you goosebumps and watery eyes, then I don’t know what will. One of the most pleasant surprises in drum & bass for me recently was to learn that London Elektricity himself has found inspiration from one of my favourite composers (and his), Arvo Pärt. I can clearly hear the homage to the minimal sounds of Pärt’s (if you have no idea who my fellow Estonian Arvo Pärt is, go on YouTube now and the first thing you should listen is ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’), building again into something that I would very happily let me blow away in a live performance. What an epic, epic end to an epic album!

The use of natural instruments, Elsa Esmeralda and the general level of this album is a combination of all sorts of awesome. London Elektricity has played on all the right notes of my soul and left me choked up. I’m moved on all levels of my love for music, and this is the me talking who spent the first 17 years of her life submerged in [classical] music [training]. This album isn’t just some good quality dance music production, it’s music at its best in all aspects of it.

I’m clearly rambling and I wish I could say more, but words limit the emotions whereas music doesn’t.

Released 25/04/11 on Hospital Records.

Rating: 11/10


5 responses to “London Elektricity – Yikes!

  1. Great review! I can’t wait to hear the whole album, Elektricity will keep me warm gives me whole body goosebumps and Elsa Esmeralda is amazing. Tony seems like such a wonderful down-to-earth kinda guy that injects so much of himself into everything he does. I’ve been locing the Hospital Recordings Podcasts recently and love his little bits of info that he gives the listeners on all things Hospital.

    I. Need. This. Album.


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